Invest strategically.
Build authentically.

We are a real estate investment firm backed by institutional investors for over 25 years. We develop and reposition residential and mixed-use communities in high-growth markets.

About Us

Hands on operational expertise, led by local data and intelligence.

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By directly sourcing and controlling the investment decision, development, management, and exit, we generate greater value both for our investors, and for those who live in the vibrant spaces and communities we create.

CREA has deep operational expertise in the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. We are focused on four primary markets: Austin, Denver, Nashville, and Raleigh.  

The Team

Creating opportunity
through community

We build people and places through collaboration and creativity. CREA is a tightly-knit collection of visionary investors, skilled developers, meticulous portfolio and risk managers, and dedicated operations staff.

John Burnham

Is a Managing Principal at CREA, a member of the Investment Committee, and oversees CREA Capital whereby he focuses on deal origination and capitalization.

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Dudley Simmons
Managing Principal

Is a Managing Principal at CREA, Chair of the Investment Committee, and head of CREA Development where he is responsible for overseeing all development activities of the firm’s multifamily, office, and single family rental verticals.

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Our portfolio

Dynamic growth,
uniquely built.

Since its inception in 1995, CREA has developed and/or owned in excess of 25,000 multi-family homes, master planned lots for 16,000 single family homes, and developed over 2,000,000 square feet of mixed-use communities. We employ a direct and operationally intensive approach to real estate investing. CREA is vertically integrated including in-house development and property management.  

Austin, TX
The Copeland
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
The Guthrie
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Our Mission

Acquire and develop real estate assets that provide superior risk-adjusted returns to investors; maintain consistently high standards of service, integrity and accountability to our investors, residents, tenants and employees; and enhance and contribute to the communities in which we are actively involved.

CREA is proud to support these worthy causes.

Socially responsible.

From its inception in 1995, CREA has maintained that a high level of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key underlying tenet of its corporate mission and business model. By holding itself responsible for the impact of its development projects on both societal trends and the underlying natural environment, CREA believes that it is investing in a more positive future. CREA understands the importance of incorporating socially conscious planning and design concepts in providing a higher standard of living and improved quality of life for both our residents and the surrounding communities.  Also, with increased focus on its real estate development on the natural environment, CREA attempts to employ leading edge techniques with respect to both product sustainability and reduction of a project’s carbon footprint through the implementation of best environmental development practices.  These efforts often result in CREA projects being awarded multiple green building designations through both LEED and AEGB.  As part of this effort to transform the way we build and operate our communities, CREA has become a silver member of the U.S. Green Building Council.  In addition, over the last decade CREA has been on the forefront of developing inclusionary zoning-driven affordable residential units, often building well beyond the minimum requirements imposed by the local municipalities. Adherence to these commitments and best practices ensures that future generations are able to enjoy our planet just as we do today.